5 Interior Design Tricks That Will Instantly Change Your Home

A lot of homeowners think that revamping their living space is expensive and would take a lot of effort. Although it might be true in some cases, especially for homeowners with a lot of dime to spare, experts in modern villa design in Dubai that you can make changes in your living space for a fraction of the cost.

If you are planning to do some minor revamps at home, here are some ideas that might be worth considering:

  • Go for DIY wallpaper


If you don’t have the budget to spend for expensive wallpapers, then you can do for a DIY wallpaper on your walls. You can simply repaint your wall and use a pretty stencil to design it. Just be careful on doing this. You need to be as precise as possible. A small mistake can ruin the whole design. Take your time in doing this and if possible, ask a friend to help do it for you. Someone with steady hands to hold the stencil better.


  • Showcase your china

If you have stunning china and silverware in your kitchen, then let the whole world see it. Open-shelving is one of the fast-rising trend in kitchen design in Dubai. This allows homeowners to feature their amazing cookware for show and tell. But aside from improving your kitchen’s aesthetics, it can also streamline the way you prepare and cook your food. There will be no need to open and close the cabinet door every time you need something from the shelves. You can simply pick it up from the shelf and proceed with your cooking.

  • Go for creative labels


Another inexpensive way to level up the look of your kitchen is to play with your jar’s labels. This might seem like a simple design move but it can create a big impact in your kitchen. These creative labels can be a good design accents to your space. Try to play with the fonts and the colors for more stunning effect.


  • Paint your door


Most of the time, front doors look safe and common. Try to spice it up by repainting your front door with something bold and vibrant. This would definitely up the look of your exterior and make your property stand out from the rest.


  • Upcycle your lampshade

If you have an old lampshade in your space that you are planning to dispose, hold that thought and think about how you can use it as a design ornament in the space. Try to upcycle the material first, creatively painting the upper part to give it a new look.