How to deal with a difficult employee

Every office has that one employee who is very difficult to manage. Their work could be undoubtedly amazing but their attitude and a few habits may out a lot of people off. It is hard to manage such an environment but it can certainly be managed very easily. Here is what you should do right now:

  • There are often going to be times when the situation wouldn’t be very bad and you can simply let their negative attitude shrug off. But other times when your office employees and culture is getting affected, you need to take action and tell them straight.
  • Keep reminding this employee that their excuses are not needed and if they are really good at some work then they should present it without making any excuses.
  • You need to establish a good relation with this particular person because after all they are an asset to organization but their work ethics are questionable. All you need to do is ask them to directly share their concerns with you instead of spreading it all around the office like some juicy gossip.
  • When you are going to assign a project to this person you can expect lots of fights and most people asking you to swap them out. All you have to do is ask them to focus on the positive side of the story and what they actually learnt from it. This way you are making it clear to the employees about no fight reaching to your employees.
  • When you have gone out of your way and tried all of the above then you must know and understand the importance of that employee. Is this person really good enough for so many chances? When the ball gets out of the court you must learn to let it out all the way. Leave that employee immediately and clearly tell the reason for it.
  • Office fit out is something which can help in improvement of the aura in your office. If you can manage to brighten things up with a little change in mood maybe everyone will forget about the bad things happened in the past and get a fresh start. But before all that, remember to get fit out approval.

See if these tricks work and let us know.