Rock your lehenga with these Dos and Don’ts

With the wedding season up ahead you must be stressing out about Indian bridal wear Dubai because the one which you like would be out of budget and the others won’t be up to the mark. Thinking that you are going to look miserable in the whole event is natural but actually looking miserable is something which is avoidable through these wedding lehengas in Dubai tips:

  • Consider the length of your lehenga

This is very important because there two situations which you can face: Either the lehenga is too long that it sweeps the floor or the lehenga is too short that it shows off your legs. These both sizes are wrong because an ideal lehenga should just graze the ground below instead of touching it. It’s the basic phenomena that wearing heels can shorten the length of the skirt and this is why get such lehenga length which will be ideal even after wearing a 4 inch heel.

  • Pin it to win it

Do you remember the endless loop of dupatta struggles which you had to go through because it won’t sit nicely on the shoulder but instead keep slipping off? Well, this is not going to happen anymore, all thanks to the safety pins. Use as many as it requires in securing the dupatta in its place and don’t shy away from even using the lehenga to stable it.

  • Don’t go too deep with the blouse

We know that it is in fashion to have a backless blouse with a deep plunging neckline but this doesn’t mean that you are obliged to wear this all even if you feel uncomfortable in it. Deep cuts and slits are supposed to make you look and feel beautiful instead of uncomfortable and just because it is in fashion. Do what you feel good in.

  • Don’t over board with the jewellery

Please don’t over board with the jewellery unless of course you are a bride. Weddings are all about being extra but don’t be extremely extra such a way that it looks over the top. If your lehenga is too heavy then make sure you go light on jewellery so that people know what is the centre of attention in your look, instead of being all over the place.