Prevent your Corian sink from damage

What can a beautifully decorated kitchen have other than a Corian sink installed on its countertop? Without any doubt a Corian sink is one of the most popular choices for people who understand the importance of a perfect kitchen in their home. A major reason that people opt for Corian sinks is that they look classy when paired with your solid surface kitchen counters and they don’t get as dirty as compared to other options available in the market. At the same time, we all know that they are not a cheap option compared to other sink types available. This is why you should take great care while using your Corian sink so that you can avoid any damage to your beautiful Corian sink. Fact of the matter is that a Corian sink is an expensive addition to your kitchen and there are certain habits you should adopt for using it while you are working in your kitchen. These habits will not only keep your Corian sink in perfect condition and ensure its functionality, but will also save your money for unwanted repair works.



The first thing that you can do to protect your beautiful Corian sink from any damage is placing an extra protection layer against unintentional hits and shocks caused by your regular activities in the kitchen. For this, you can place a rubber mat at the base of your Corian sink. Doing so will protect your sink against sudden hits and shocks that are caused by your pans, knifes and other heavy pots.

The second major precaution that you must take while working in your kitchen is to be careful when you drain chilled or extra hot water and other liquids in your Corian sink. Doing so will prevent your sink against thermo shock that can be caused by using extra hot or by use of cold and hot liquids one after another while working on it. Moreover, you should adopt the habit of draining high temperature or freezing cold liquids straight into the drain to minimize their risk of damaging your sink. This is a bit of effort that will keep your Corian sink in perfect condition and fully functional, which adds to the reasons why you should practice extra care while using such liquids.

On the whole, it is highly recommended for you to adopt the above mentioned habits to enjoy your Corian UAE sink for a really long timess while guaranteeing that it stays in perfect condition.